Sunday, December 27, 2009


Black Christmas Movie Review

It's Christmastime so I went to The Stash for a Christmas Classic: Black Christmas, the 2006 remake of the 1974 film. Okay, it's not really a Christmas Classic, but the film takes place during Christmas so that's close enough. Billy Lenz, in a mental institution since killing and eating his mother, escapes the asylum, promising to be home for Christmas. His home is now a sorority where the girls are getting disturbing phone calls from each other’s cell phones. This is not a great horror film, but I like it for a few reasons, the first being that I enjoy a horror movie where the victims are so irritating you actually hope they get killed. This of course lives up to that, as the victims in this case are perhaps the most irritating group of people of all: sorority sisters.

"Like, what do you mean?"

There is not a likable one in the group. There are plenty of death scenes to keep you interested as the story itself sort of jumps around a bit and at times makes little sense. This is definitely a throwback to 80's slashers, which is a nice touch. This certainly ranks as a guilty pleasure movie, and I am only a little embarrassed to say I like it.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 7

Black Christmas Movie Trailer

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